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Meet Glide

Glide marks the beginning of a new era in myoelectric control, offering unparalleled precision with every movement.

Why Glide?

Take back control

Glide makes control of multiple degree-of-freedom myoelectric prostheses available to the wider population.

There's a Glide map for you

Glide enables a personalized approach to the individual.

Set it and forget it

Glide doesn't require daily at home maintenance.

Grow with Glide

Glide is scalable as users advance in their needs and abilities.

Glide can control it

Glide is able to control almost every hand, wrist, and elbow on the market.

Smarter, Simpler

Glide enables advanced control with a transparent setup process.

What is Glide?

Glide bridges the gap between direct control and pattern recognition. Glide offers precise directional control, making advanced functionality accessible to everyday users.


Glide can use 2 to 8 electrodes to control almost every hand, wrist, and elbow on the market


Using the relative activity from electrodes, Glide uses a cursor to point to different parts of the Glide map.


The map is split up into adjustable areas called slices.


Movements can be assigned to each slice.

Whether you're ready to push boundaries or just embrace everyday comfort, Glide moves at your pace. Don't change until you're ready; keep growing, keep living, with Glide.

The Map to Limitless Movement

As the user moves the cursor to these slices, the prosthesis will move.

Case Study 1

Amputation Level: Transhumeral with TMR Surgery

Components: Espire elbow, Zeus hand, Wrist rotator

Number of Electrodes: 4


Why Glide?

Stable control

Highly adjustable

Case Study 2

Amputation Level: Transradial, fit as Elbow Disarticulation

Components: Outside locking hinges, iLimb hand, Wrist Rotator

Number of Electrodes: 3


Why Glide?

Increased access to function

Set it and go

IBT Control App

Seamlessly adjust settings, monitor Glide's performance, and even explore features before you commit with our convenient demo mode. 

Technical Specs

Dimensions & Weight

Core2 Controller, Box Only, LxWxH

59mm x 27.8mm x 9.8mm 10g


Remote Dome Electrode, Box Only, LxWxH

26.8mm x 14.8mm x 7.5mm 3.7g


Input Voltage

7.4 - 16 VDC

Maximum Output Current


Power Source

Glide receives power from the prosthesis

Expected Service Life

3 Years

Compatible Electrode

IBT Remote Dome Electrode (90041-XX)


Terminal Devices
(Direct Grip Control)

i-Limb Quantum

TASKA Gen1, Gen 2


Ability Hand



Terminal Devices
(Analog Input)

Basic Hand*

SensorHand Speed

i-Limb Access

Myo Kinisi

MyoHand VariPlus Speed

i-Limb Ultra

ProPlus ETD

System Electric Greifer

ProPlus ETD2

Michelangelo Hand

ProPlus Hand



* Any terminal device with 5V analog inputs


MC ProWrist (with a 4 or 6 band Coaxial Plug)

MC Standard Wrist (with a 4 or 6 band Coaxial Plug)

10S17 Electric Wrist

10S17 with MyoRotronic



Motion E2


Espire Classic Plus

Espire Hybrid

Espire Pro


DynamicArm Plus

ErgoArm Hybrid Plus

ErgoArm Electronic Plus

AxonArm Ergo

Motion Arm Hybrid Manual Lock

Motion Arm Hybrid Electric Lock


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