Life With morph+

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product - morph+, the world's first wireless controller built exclusively for the bebionic3. Check out our latest video showing the morph+ in action!

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Baltimore Sun Article

We have recently been featured in a coverstory in the Baltimore Sun for our research work in pattern recognition.

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Pattern Recognition

Take a look at how 8 simple electrodes can make prosthetic control easier and more intuitive than ever before

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Lower Limb Prostheses in the Developing World

One of our research partners at Johns Hopkins is working on a developing world lower limb prosthesis. Please consider contributing to their fundraising campaign.

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Our Mission

Infinite Biomedical Technologies: Improving patients lives through the development of innovative medical devices


Our FlexCell and morph technologies are now available! More products coming soon!

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IBT is a translational research company which takes technology from bench to bedside. We have launched spinoffs in the areas of telemedicine and endoscopic imaging and are currently working to form new entities in the field of dexterous prosthetics.

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